Friday, February 1, 2008

My Cool Things -- Krissy, Jethro Tull, and Baroque Music

Here are some more of "My Cool Things."

  What challenges me is to capture in words the unique beauty that my wife brings to my world.  My words won't adequiately describe her, but I'll try anyway.  Krissy loves me; when she first confessed her deep feelings nine years ago, the revelation stunned me.  No other woman had ever loved me, and I had lost hope that any woman ever would.  That her commitment to our relationship hasn't wavered for almost a decade is still a source of wonder to me.  What she sees in me that other women dismissed as insignificant baffles my mind.  But whatever she sees has been compelling enough to keep her with me through two cancers and a bone marrow transplant.  And my first cancer was diagnosed just four months after we met!  That and her willingness to marry me is amazing.  I haven't even mentioned her intelligence, her sense of humor, our mutual interests and values, her imagination and playfulness, her patience, and a long list of other qualities that she has.  I could write volumes about what has made our relationship precious and still not cover all the details of why I  love her.  My wife Krissy is completely cool.

 I've heard Jethro Tull called the original Alternative Rock band.  Musically and lyrically, they are superior to, and far more artistic than, most popular musicians; frequent use of diverse instruments lends their tracks a unique but pleasing sound.  Jethro Tull writes largely about the profound social and political issues of our time.  A fondness for descriptive detail breathes life into their viewpoints, which are thought-provoking and persuasive.  I've enjoyed many of their albums, with the exception of Aqualung, which has a strong atheistic theme.  It saddens me to know that they reject religion, but you don't have to agree with everything artists believe to benefit from their work.  Jethro Tull's tracks are thoroughly enjoyable; artists who both inform and entertain are doubly cool.

 Are you familiar with baroque music?  If all of you were, my job in this paragraph would be unnecessary.  I have to assume, though, that some of you are drawing a blank.  Baroque was a period in European music between 1600 and 1750, marked by an elaborate and ornamental style, which preceded the Classical music era.  Now before your eyes glaze over, let me assure you that this won't become a lecture in music history.  Elaborate and ornamental -- what does that mean, right?  Trying to understand any kind of music by a textbook definition without actually hearing some of it performed is an almost hopeless task.  What I would like to do, if you've never heard baroque played, is urge you to give it a chance.  Maybe you've heard classical music and didn't like it.  You still might find that you like baroque.  Let me give you a popular example to listen to and let you judge for yourself:  Vivaldi's Spring Concerto   If you liked this, I hope you seek out more baroque.  If you didn't, that's all right too.  Liking baroque music or disliking it are both naturally cool.

This is the second entry of a five part series. 



  1. great cool things John:) enjoy your weekend


  2. John, I love all of your cool things on this entry!!

    Krissy - she's awesome!! you already know that!! of course she knows you are awesome too!!

    Jethro Tull - loved "Songs from the Wood" (I think that was the name of the song; saw them in concert years ago in San Diego;  haven't listened to them in a long time

    Baroque: I don't know much about this musical period, but I do like Vivaldi!

    I like these cool entries you are doing; keep them going!


  3. Just popped over from Jeannettes journal to offer my congratulations on your anniversary.
    May you continue to make progress
    hugs Jayne

  4. I'm not very familiar with Jethro Tull.  I must listen to some of their music now.  You have piqued my interest.  Oh how I know why you love Krissy!  She is my wind, my rock and my soul-mate, too!  She is SUPER COOL!!  And I know why she loves you, too, John... You are in so many ways what she is, too and you are SUPER COOL, too!!!!  Love you, dear!!! xoxoxoxox

  5. ((((((((((((((JOHN)))))))))))))))))))You couldnt have said it better about Krissy.You both love eachother so much.Have a nice weekend.

  6. I definately agree that Krissy is totally cool!  I'm not sure about the other two.  ;o)  -  BArbara

  7. Krissy and your love story inspires me--thanks for sharing--thanks to both of you!!!!

  8.     I'm glad that you and Krissy were able to find each other. That's a good thing. On the subject of Jethro Tull and Baroque music, if it's music, I'll like it. I'm not familiar with Baroque though. I like Baroque architecture and art.

  9. John, so glad you are doing so well.  Krissy is one special lady and indeed you are blessed to have her in your life.  But, I believe she knows how blessed she's been having you for her hubby also.  You two were meant to be with each other....have a beautiful Valentines Day with each other.  Arlene (AJ)

  10. I think you and Krissy were meant for eachother....true love....and I so love to see that in life.....June:)

  11. John,
    Thanks for letting us know how Krissy is doing.  BTW, I love your journal.  I love how eloquently you express yourself, especially your love for Krissy.  I think you are a very well matched couple and that is beautiful and wonderful.  Merry

  12. We had a Baroque concert here on campus a few weeks ago.  Being a music major, I was totally into it, but I wish there were more people into the good ol' classica style!  I'm so glad you enjoy it!


  13. John it is very nice to meet you!  I met Krissy some time ago and have gotten to know you through her, now it is nice to meet you in person!  

    I also enjoyed getting to know Krissy through your eyes.  She is a very lovely and tallented woman and I enjoy getting to know her.

    ahhh baroque music.  Yes songs like  "I used to have money but now I'm baroque!"  ( :D Just kidding).  I actually really love that music.  The piece from Vivaldi you chose is awesome.  When I call my girlfriend Donna that is the music I here when I am waiting for her to answer her phone.

    Congratulations on Editors Pick!