Monday, October 22, 2007

100 things about me (51 - 100)

Here is the conclusion of 100 things about me . . . 

  51.   I'm sad to admit that I've only been to two Star Trek
  52.  Oddly enough, some people are surprised to learn that I like
         pickled eggs.
  53.  When I was in fourth grade, my Dad told me I was missing the
         point when I felt sorry for Charlie Brown instead of laughing
         at him.
  54.  One good thing came out of a year of bone marrow transplant
         complications:  I went from 275 pounds to 175 pounds.  But as
         a weight loss plan, I wouldn't recommend it.
  55.  Our new apartment has been without television cable service
         since we moved in three weeks ago.  So far I haven't missed it.
  56.  I was named after the Protestant reformer and no-nonsense
         Scotsman John Knox.  I'm sure my parents grieved when I
         converted to Catholicism.
  57.  My ancestors were Highland Scots who were mostly horse
         thieves.  They fled to Nova Scotia to escape execution.  A
         proud family heritage . . .
  58.  I've never worn a kilt or played the bagpipes, but I do enjoy a
         round of golf now and then.
  59.  I've had more than 60 days of chemotherapy treatments. 
  60.  Krissy and I have already named our first two children, but
         after all that chemo we're not likely to have kids.
  61.  After my transplant, I developed a red-blood-cell-destroying
         disorder called hemolytic anemia.  I must have had 100 blood
         transfusions, needing as many as seven bags of blood a day.
  62.  I haven't needed a transfusion since February, thank God.
  63.  One of my post-transplant medications damaged my kidneys,
         causing total kidney failure in the summer of 2006.  I had to
         be on dialysis for two weeks.
  64.  My kidneys recovered to 25 or 30 percent normal function, 
         enough to keep me off dialysis.
  65.  I'll probably have to go back on permanent dialysis eventually.
  66.  The Green Bay Packers are my favorite football team.
  67.  Krissy's mother thinks I look like James Taylor.
  68.  My Mom claims that I'm responsible for her hair turning grey.
  69.  From third grade to eighth grade I played trumpet in our
         school's band.
  70.  To my surprise, I survived the Disco Era without needing
  71.  When I was 15 I had a crush on Princess Leia from Star Wars.
  72.  I have a 30 year old potted philodendron named Martha.
  73.  My immunities regularly drop to a dangerously low level,
         forcing me to wear a surgical mask everywhere I go.  When I
         walk into a convenience store, the people there often think I'm
         going to rob the store, and watch me with slack-jawed dread.
  74.  Krissy jokes that I should wear a shirt which reads, "Don't
         shoot!  I had a transplant."
  75.  When I was eight years old, I was throwing stones in our front
         yard while my Dad was mowing the lawn.  He came around the
         side of the house and a stone caught him in the head.  He hit the 
         ground like a bag of bricks.  I think he would have killed me if
         he had been able to get up.
  76.  A black cat named Meisha was my close companion for 16
         years.  After occasionally boarding her at the animal hospital,
         she would ignore me for days.
  77.  When I was a teenager, I liked to catch snakes.  Sometimes I
         was bitten, but not very often.
  78.  My Dad introduced me to classical music when I was ten.  I
         loved it.  He told me that I might enjoy what I had heard so
         far, but if I heard more I wouldn't like it.  My Dad was wrong.
  79.  When I was young my parents liked to take me to the zoo.  My
         favorite exhibit was the reptile house.  My Dad would say,
         "You're weird, John."
  80.  I give our diabetic cat Michael two insulin shots a day, just like  
         I do for my wife.
  81.  I don't like candy or sweets very much.
  82.  However, I do enjoy bread pudding with vanilla sauce.  Krissy
         says bread pudding tastes like wet bread.  She doesn't know
         what she's missing.
  83.  My favorite restaurants are Red Lobster and Outback
  84.  Once when Krissy and I were in a restaurant, a waitress
         dumped a tray of food on me.  It didn't do my leather jacket
         any good.
  85.  In my twenties I volunteered in a nursing home, spending time
         with an elderly man.  All he wanted me to do was watch
         television with him.
  86.  Once I tried to bake brownies.  I left them in the oven so long
         that they baked to the consistency of hockey pucks.
  87.  I like octopus, squid, and frog's legs, if they are cooked
  88.  I saw the original Star Wars  movie 13 times during the first
         year it was released.     
  89.  When I was 13 I got a chemistry set for Christmas.  I
         learned some valuable principles of combustion by charring a
         large section of my bedroom carpet.
  90.  Health permitting, I attend monthly meetings of a local
         astronomy club.
  91.  We moved 16 times before I was 21.
  92.  I still watch the television specials A Charlie Brown Christmas
         and How the Grinch Stole Christmas every year. 
  93.  I enjoy listening to my Box Set of J. S. Bach's Complete Organ
, a gift from Sassydee50 (Deb).  
  94.  My favorite holiday is Christmas.  My next favorite is Easter.
  95.  Some of my favorite movies are Pride and Prejudice, A
         Beautiful Mind
, and Jane Eyre (the Masterpiece Theater
96.  The book I'm currently reading is Sense and Sensibility  by
         Jane Austen. 
  97.  I wear long sleeves, long pants, and a wide-brimmed Australian
         hat to keep the sun off my skin.  People who have had bone
         marrow transplants are at high risk for skin cancer.
  98.  I love Krissy dearly.
  99.  I find that writing an online journal is addictive.
 100.  In the priorities of my life, Jesus comes first.


  1. Yes, John Knox was not a fan of the Catholic Church...I just saw a movie where that was very evident.  I too love Red Lobster &  Outback.  And it's obvious to all of us that Krissy loves you as much as you love her.  And I think that's wonderful !   Linda in Washington state

  2. Just a few of the things that make you uniquely you!  -  Barbara

  3. lol to Krissy's joke (#74) I think that's an ingenious idea! sell that kind of word-printed-tshirt to others too.

    I enjoyed reading this entry.
    Gem :-)

  4. I don't even think I could think of 100 things about myself.  Good Job.

  5. I had a bite of a pickled egg once....I can still taste it. *shudders* Tammy

  6. John I even learned a little about you as you did your list.  That amazes me.  You are very interesting, unique, and cool!

    Krissy :)

  7. Snakes.....EWWWWWWWW.....creepy creepy.....EWWWWWW....LOL.....June:)

  8. Wow, John, these are AWESOME!!  You know, I didn't get the alerts for your postings, you last few postings.  If you ever send out alerts like I do, put me on your list!  So, let's see, Princess Leia, I think ALL men have fantasized about her. LOL.  I have always felt sorry for Charlie Brown, too, but I think I am feeling sorry for Charles Shulz, too.  Horse thieves, wow, that is so cool!  I think it is so awesome that you haven't needed a transfusion since February!!  Yippee-yi-yay!!!  Oh, and I ALSO think you look like James Taylor!  LOL  I love you with all my heart, dear John... xoxo

  9. I like Classical music, too.  I prefer dogs (we have 2)  to cats, but love all  animals.  I actually hate chocolate, and don't like sweets very much at all either.  :) Merry

  10. My family comes from Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia....

  11. I cheated in a way - I read this one, went to look at the pictures (Awesome!) and came back to comment here.  Did that make any sense?  Anyway, I found these things about you very interesting.  We have more that one thing in common:  I also love classical music, which my mom introduced me to probably when I was somewhere between 8 -10 years old - I like to watch the Grinch - if my area isn't showing the cartoon one - I have the one with Jim Carrey - just in case.  Your faith in the Lord is so evident, John.  You have never given up, even when it looked like you might die.  I admire that in you . . . and of course your tender love for Krissy. I love you as a brother.  Blessings and prayers, Penny

  12. This was a great list of 100 things, you are a very interesting person...
    I'm off to see the photos....
    Linda :)

  13.      I like Star Trek a lot, too. Still, seeing you come into a convenience store wearing all those clothes, that hat and a mask, I might duck for cover myself.

  14. Woa - seems we have several things in common, and not just a chemistry set.  I was thinking of your Krissy, just finished her photo game, she's always so upbeat.  Hope you're enjoying Sense & Sensibility.  Played organ in church all my life but not allowed to fool with Bach unless the place has emptied lol - nice of Deb to give you such a precious gift!  Good for you on the astronomy club meets!  I try to stay current with my cosmic posts, I use Mayan star charts and info from Sky & Tel mostly.  Trying to imagine how you got thru childhood always on the move.  Love reptiles too.  There's just too many others to name.  Glad you have such empathy for Charlie Brown lol!!  CATHY              

  15. John~A varried, informative and very readable list spiced with a great sense of humor! Glad you are enjoying your CDs! Deb ;-)

  16. Awesome... you did a great job!

    be well,

  17. My husband is a huge Packer fan. We drove to Green Bay this fall and saw a game at Lambeau field. It was very exciting!!