Saturday, October 13, 2007

to the cancer clinic

Once again it's time for an all-too-frequent road trip to Hershey Medical Center's Cancer Institute.  On Monday I have a post-bone-marrow-transplant checkup with my hematologist/oncologist.  I need to be there two hours early for blood tests so that the lab can have the results ready for Dr. Claxton on time.  Since Hershey is a two-hour drive away, rather than leaving before sunrise on Monday Krissy and I will drive down on Sunday and stay overnight at Hope Lodge, the American Cancer Society's group residence for cancer patients and their caregivers where all of us can stay while in treatment at Hershey.  I'll be away from the computer on Sunday and Monday so I won't be posting any journal entries on these days.  I didn't want you to wonder if I had lost interest in my journal.
These checkups aren't too bad as long as they don't do a bone marrow biopsy.  I had a spinal tap once; bone marrow biopsies are worse.  But at least I'm making progress.  With my last appointment in Hershey I broke the four-week barrier.  For a long time Dr. Claxton scheduled my checkups four weeks apart.  Then he extended them to every six weeks, but each time I would have some sort of complication which would force me to go back after no more than four weeks.  This past August 30  marked the first time I stayed healthy long enough to keep my scheduled six week checkup.  There was no fanfare, but it was a relief nonetheless.
Another good thing about staying healthy is that I can drive us to Hershey myself.  This eliminates an often lengthy search for someone who has a free day to drive us there.  A number of times we have had to travel by bus.  
Several Hershey nurses have told us that they can make the same trip that we do in little more than an hour.  They must be aspiring NASCAR drivers.  I keep to the speed limit for the practical reason that I can't afford to pay a fine.  The whole way down and back other vehicles are passing us like we are riding in an oxcart.  Few things make a leadfoot angrier than a speed-limit driver in a No Passing Zone.  I'll be glad when we're home again. 
I'll see all of you on Tuesday.  This journaling is addictive.  I told Krissy that I might get five comments; I want to thank all of you for proving me wrong.  
Thanks, Sugar, for the graphic.


  1. I'm glad you are enjoying your journal. Have a safe trip.

  2. well you have alot of journals to read now. And are you in Pennsylvania?

  3. John, good luck on monday. I am praying tests will show you are doing well. Have a safe trip and we'll look forward to hearing from you again. Yep journaling is very addictive, lol. And we are glad to have you hear with us. ((((((((hugs))))))))

  4. I'm like you and stick to the speed limit too.  I hope you have a safe trip and that you  have good news to share when you're back.  'On Ya' - ma

  5. Sticking to the speed limit also saves you gas money.  Have a good trip.  Dawn

  6. Be Safe!
    Special thoughts...
    Linda :)

  7. Yes, dear John, sorry no one warned you, but journaling is VERY addictive.  ;o)  Hope ya'll have a safe trip and good reports!  -  Barbara

  8. Have a safe trip, may an Angel ride shotgun.
    Will be praying for you, that all tests are ok, will light a candle too.

  9. I hope you two have a safe trip and that the health report is a good one. I don't even have words to say how happy it makes me that your health seems to just keep getting better and better! Hugs, Deb ;-) PS. Hi skinny Krissy! ;-)))

  10. Have a safe trip friend. Tammy

  11. I am very happy that you are feeling better and even able to drive on the NASCAR circuit!    I wonder what part of the speed limit sign those people flying past you 'don't understand'!    You have come a long way since your days when you were hospitalized John!     I hope you and Krissy and Mr. Micheal are enjoying your new apartment with everything fixed finally.     I have not been on the computer much and am trying to get the roof on my addition over the kitchen after two years work.     Things did not go as well as hoped for this past year in getting things done but I am finally feeling better since my last spinal steroid epidural to my lumbar on Sept. 13.     I can have a maximum of 4 a year.     I will be on the computer more this winter.     Wishing you the best,     mark

  12. I hate the long ride to hershey and philly when I have to go! Have a safe trip! I will be thinking about you! keep us posted!

    ~make it a great day!~

  13. Well, best wishes as you travel to Hershey.  We'll be praying that all the tests come back good and that you get a clean bill of health. Well be happy to hear from you both when you get back.  Linda in Washington state

  14. Hi John, I've had a couple of spinal taps.  I had one under x-ray and one not.  The one under x-ray wasn't too bad.  The other one was hideous.  I can not imagine haven't a bone marrow biopsy.  I will be praying for you while you and Krissy are away in Hershey.  I am enjoying your journal, John!!  You are a great writer!  Much love, Val xox

  15. I've been to Hershey Medical myself a few times....June:)

  16. Journaling is good for the soul! And being to stubborn to fie is a very good thing!   ;)


  17. I just left Krissy a comment saying it was a shame that my daughter doesn't have her appts on Monday at Hershey.  We could meet each other while there!  Have a good trip and appt.

  18. Hi John!
    I don't want to hurt Krissy's feelings which is why I shouldn't type this, but i tend to be too blunt. I enjoy your writing more as hers is all giggly. I wonder if I were to have a blog if I would type the same as she does.
    This is the first blog i have ever answered and Krissy's was the first one I ever read.
    It's pretty cool to read about your life and thoughts. I'm sorry you are ill with cancer.
    I hope to give 8 inches of my hair at a cancer walk in 2 weeks. I'm too lazy to do the walk, but I do have the hair to give. It will be weird not having long hair.
    And bravo to Krissy for losing weight. I need to lose 25 lbs. again, too lazy.
    take care John and you will be in my prayers and lucky for you, God always answers them. Cynthia

  19. John, you and Drissy have a safe trip to Hershey, hope your check up goes well for you.  Arlene (AJ)

  20. Stay well John, take a nice ride to Hershey and come back home healthy & happy.

    Always praying for you.


  21. sending good vibes for your check up.  Hope all goes well....  as for speed demons... take your time :)  
    hugs and be safe

  22. I hope that your trip and check ups go well!  That is so great that you have made it the whole 6 wks and that you can drive!  What a wonderful relief that must be!!!  

    Yes, journaling is definitely addictive!

    be well,

  23. I wish you the best at your check up and I'm glad to hear you do stick to the speed limit. Better safe and arrive on time without any problems.

    You have a safe trip and a thumbs up check up!!!!



  24. praying for a good checkup!

  25. Have a safe trip! :)

  26. John,

    You've lost weight!  You look so good.  Very healthy!
    I'm so happy for you!

    I miss you!  I am glad you have a journal now so I can check in on you.

    I love you!  And Krissy and Michael too.

    Kate Suiter

  27. Welcome to J-Land John!!!  I admire you for your courage!!  Prayers!!

  28. Hi John- I like your graphic!  I hope all goes well for you in Hershey, and have a safe trip.  God Bless and keep well!  Carolyn :)