Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Was a Guest Editor's Pick

I want to thank Jude of My Way  for choosing me as a Guest Editor's Pick in Magic Smoke on August 8.  It was an honor to be chosen among those she selected.  If you haven't checked out her blog, please visit; it's an interesting read. 


  1. Congrats to you!  'On Ya' - ma

  2. congrats John!! I did see Jude's entry, I forgot to come over to yours and Krissy's journals to say congrats; if I remember correctly, she honored both of your blogs! she does have a good blog

    enjoy the day and weekend ahead


  3. Congratulations on being chosen John, way to go

  4.     Love both your journals. The best thing about JLand and all the journals I read is that I get to meet people like you and Krissy who aren't that much different than my family and I are, but are dealing with issues, in surroundings that are different from my own. Conversely, I can commiserate with people who are dealing with the same issues I am, although again in different surroundings, that is parts of the country than I am. I've learned a lot from everyone.

  5. Good luck on your walk tomorrow!  I'll be praying for you.
    Hugs, Kathy