Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

I know it's now December 26, but I'd still like to send you a Christmas greeting. The gift of Jesus' birth in Bethlehem was precious to me at an early age, but I was also a typical boy in many ways. I grew up loving the Peanuts Chistmas television Special, and I have watched it as many years as I could since it first aired in the mid-1960s. The story of Charlie Brown's search for the true meaning of Christmas in a modern secular holiday season had profound meaning for me back then, and still does now. I love this cartoon, as well as the outstanding music that accompanies the program.

Here I want to share with you my favorite track from my Peanuts Christmas tradition. It's called "Linus and Lucy," and whether you are familiar with it or not, I hope you'll enjoy this jazz number as much as I do.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


  1. I wrote a comment about 15 or 20 minutes ago and it didn't take. I hope this isn't happening to other people, John. Blogger can be mean. Anyway, this is very precious! Gotta love Charlie Brown! I am excited, Matt and I are coming in an hour and a half to see you!!! Yay!!! Blessings to you on this holy season and happy 2011!! Love your sis Val xox

  2. John! So glad you posted! I am so excited. Keep up the posting in 2011. I know everyone loves to hear from you and what is going on in your life.

    your wife who loves you very much,

    krissy knox
    aka fisherkristina
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    Sometimes I Think
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    how about friends on FB?

  3. It's wonderful to read your post, John -- a real blessing! Thanks so much for your welcome Christmas greeting. Hope you and Krissy had a blessed Christmas Day!

    Jeanne Dininni

  4. John,
    good to see you back.. Charlie Brown a classic, like yourself.. hoping the New Year brings you better health.. keep on posting, love reading your entries~

  5. John, I hope you post again soon, btw. Maybe I will post in There is a Season, too. Gosh, it has been way too long! It was so very good seeing you yesterday!! Thanks for EVERYTHING!!! Love you, John!!! xox

  6. John, it was so good to read something from you! I hope you and Krissy enjoyed Jesus' birthday and I'm wishing you both a very blessed New Year 2011. Love you both, Penny

  7. Merry Christmas!
    Happy New Year!
    Happy Birthday!! :)

  8. Dear John

    I hope you and Krissy had a wonderful celebration at Christmas. It is wonderful to see you blogging again. It is such a miracle too!
    A Happy and Healthy New Year to you and yours!


  9. Glad to see you back John and a Happy New Year to you and Krissy!

  10. Glad that you are able once again to blog. Christmas is gone so I will say that I hope you and Krissy will have a better year to come in 1011.Helen

  11. Hi John! It is good to see you blog! I have to ask, were you strong willed as a child LOL? Have you always been stubborn? Either way, I am glad you are! God Bless you and Krissy both!! Thank you both too for a lot you have no idea about :-)

  12. Happy New Year, John. Welcome back to Bloggerville. Linda in freezing cold western Washington.

  13. Great to hear from you John! I hope 2011 is fantastic for you.

  14. John, how wonderful to see you posting again. May you and Krissy be blessed with a great 2011. Will look forward to seeing more postings from you.

  15. So as long as you're writing again, John, how about that book.

  16. Happy New Year John. I pray that 2011 is a wonderful and healtly year for you both.

  17. Good to see you're back to posting, John. May God bless you and Krissy in the New Year 2011!!